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An Interview with Hubble

Hubble ascends into orbit debuting their second single in the past month with thick fuzzed out guitars and dreamy lo-fi soundscapes. This newly formed Atlanta act tries to not wear their influences on their sleeve and approaches music at a pace they are comfortable with by slowly releasing songs along the way. As bands disband,… Read More An Interview with Hubble

Playlist Series Vol. 2

Welcome back, week two baby. I read somewhere, a long time ago that the second week of trying to form a habit is always the hardest so we’re breaking the cycle. This is a fun exercise and I’m still beyond stoked to have worked with everyone on these initial lists. A big thank you to… Read More Playlist Series Vol. 2

Vol. 8, December 13th

Apparently, John Kennedy Jr. is still alive?New reporting from a source called “Q”. Could it bear fruit? I was recently briefed on a fanfic project that may be making its way to Digital Future Mag dot com soon. Fanfic is a lost art and I’m more than happy to publish it because it’s a subculture of a… Read More Vol. 8, December 13th

Playlist Series Vol. 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new weekly playlist newsletter. It will consist of reader-contributed playlists that follow a certain theme or mood and each week you will get 2 playlists consisting of 10 songs that have battling ideas of that central theme. For example, one theme might be ‘songs that make you feel… Read More Playlist Series Vol. 1

Vol. 7, December 5th

Does anyone know if we have to bring our backpacks tomorrow?How times have changed. Is elementary school nostalgia a thing anyone else experiences? I think for me its less so wanting to go back to primary school but yearning to go back to simpler times. Now i’m in my mid 20s and life is getting… Read More Vol. 7, December 5th

Vol. 6, November 28th

In defense of being a haterBecause it’s a good thing. I welcome, with arms wide open, all haters in my circle. I do draw lines but I think a healthy amount of criticism is always a good thing because it’s cool to analyze the things you like and the things you don’t like. That’s also… Read More Vol. 6, November 28th

Vol. 5, November 22nd

The homies back to back. Taken White MaleRead the intro it’ll make sense… Shannon and I spent 72 hours glued to our bed consuming as many ‘erotic thrillers’ as possible. After searching around the internet I came to find out that the genre really got started in the 90s and it seems like it also… Read More Vol. 5, November 22nd

Vol. 4, November 14th

If you haven’t noticed everything underlined is a link, so please click them. Should I be learning a Tik-Tok dance at 25?Hell no. Do you think we should be using Twitter more? I’m stuck wanting it to be a serious platform for us but I also just want to shit post memes. Digital Future is… Read More Vol. 4, November 14th

Vol 3, November 7th

We found our groove. Front Salad… Back Salad… Front BluntBasically, I got two minutes of footy but I’m not using any of it. This felt like the longest week of my life, for obvious reasons. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will lead the free world until 2024 starting January 20th but the hard work is… Read More Vol 3, November 7th

The Shape of Dance to Come: How Phoenix DJ Culture is Changing During the Pandemic

As we move into month eight of the Covid-19 pandemic, uncertainty still lingers around the future of nightlife and dance culture. While organizations such as Boiler Room and Resident Advisor net hundreds of thousands of dollars from cultural grants, clubs, artists, and independent venues are left to fend for themselves, and Phoenix is no exception.… Read More The Shape of Dance to Come: How Phoenix DJ Culture is Changing During the Pandemic

Vol. 2, November 1st

This is the first issue with our micro ‘show n tell’ with a guest, we’ll call this volume 2. My life like a sandwich…No matter which way you flip it… the bread comes first Daylight Savings is beyond pointless and my thoughts on the subject are well documented in print. Happy DST to everyone who… Read More Vol. 2, November 1st

Vol. 1, October 26th

This is the first issue of our newsletter in the format we like so we’ll call this volume 1. Can someone tell me what ‘Californication’ means?I don’t know and I was almost afraid to ask. Always a crash-landing back to reality post-vacation. I enjoyed Los Angeles a lot but to the grind, I return. I… Read More Vol. 1, October 26th

“It’s A Charade!”

Charade is a California band, but the feeling they represent is found in boxing rings, race car tracks, and blackjack tables coast-to-coast. The rush knowing you’re risking it all and the comfort knowing there’s no place you would rather be. Digital Future had a conversation with Brian “Wildcat” McGee about the band’s future two song… Read More “It’s A Charade!”

“Just shut up and listen” – an interview with Tobby Davilmar

Back in March, I started an email interview with Tobby Davilmar that was quickly lost in my inbox after responses started to pile on from eager writers. I stumbled across the old questions and reread them. I didn’t feel as connected with them as I did when I was writing them due to them just… Read More “Just shut up and listen” – an interview with Tobby Davilmar

Everything You Need to Know Before Eating Magic Mushrooms

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for the use, production, or distribution of any controlled substance, as listed in section 1308 of Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations. This Article was written with the intention of informing. Regardless of who you are, or what you are doing, your brain is capable of producing 23 watts of… Read More Everything You Need to Know Before Eating Magic Mushrooms

A List Of Demands

Dion Johnson was shot and killed by a DPS officer on Monday, May 25th. He was driving home when he pulled over to the side of the road because he was tired and wanted to take a brief moment to rest. A DPS officer pulled up and claims there was a struggle that ultimately ended… Read More A List Of Demands

An Interview with Jennifer Pettit from Enchanted Chapters

A year and a half ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Jennifer Pettit at a local bookstore we both worked at. Under her badass punk exterior is a heart of gold and a radiating friendliness no one can match. Recently, Jen and her longtime friend, Andrea Montepagano, opened Enchanted Chapters, a bookstore… Read More An Interview with Jennifer Pettit from Enchanted Chapters

The Official Guide to Acting Out Your Own Quarantine Rom-Com

In these unprecedented times of daily day-drinking and wearing the same pizza sauce stained sweatpants as yesterday (and also the day before, but we really don’t need to discuss that), romantic prospects for the perpetually single woman seem grim. It feels unfair that I am constantly reminded of the most privileged class of women- the… Read More The Official Guide to Acting Out Your Own Quarantine Rom-Com

Has the Salt of the Earth Lost Its Savour?

A multimedia artist hailing from Sarasota, Florida, Branden grapples with the ideas of civilization, identity, and vulgarity through abstract collages. With influences ranging from Goya to Ray Johnson, this is no hotel room art. My favorite take-away from Branden’s work is the primal feeling he creates within each of his pieces, a characteristic that is… Read More Has the Salt of the Earth Lost Its Savour?

Hot Wax

Everyone discovers music in different ways. Whether it’s through your dad blasting Billy Squier in the pick up whenever he dragged you to Home Depot every Saturday morning, or perhaps it’s through your mama, who would wake you up by belting her little heart out to “Does Your Mother Know” by Abba when she decided… Read More Hot Wax

The Cycle Continues

Arizona, the Grand Canyon state, home of multiple vibrant cultures, a plethora of phenomenal foods, and multiple thriving art scenes. I’ve never felt a real connection to this state despite living here for the latter part of my life, but I can understand why people do. It’s hard to deny the absolute beauty in getting… Read More The Cycle Continues

Choose Your World or You’ll End Up Living in Theirs – An interview with Michael Ralston of The Materialistics

Mastering the art of a captivating opening track is no small task. The stakes are high; the first 30 seconds of an album must be engaging and compelling enough to convince the listener to continue listening. Most of my daily musical intake revolves around a perpetual fear of missing out on something great, so I… Read More Choose Your World or You’ll End Up Living in Theirs – An interview with Michael Ralston of The Materialistics

The Master Killer CD

Up until the past couple years or so, CDs had always been kind of whack to me. Their form and function and how they are produced always felt very commercial and disingenuous. I would see see them in hordes at places like Gallery of Sound and thrift stores, just sitting there like junk. I’d see… Read More The Master Killer CD

Introducing Hector Viramontes

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Hector is a multi-media painter who works in a loose painting style dealing with different moods and subject matter that spans life, sex, and death. His work was recently displayed at the Shortcut Gallery at Phoenix General in uptown Phoenix. Follow Hector on Instagram and view and purchase his work here.  The… Read More Introducing Hector Viramontes

Rick Owens’ Brutalist Ethos Remains Relevant 18 Years After His Runway Debut

Within recent years, it’s been hard to ignore the rise in popularity of high fashion. With the popularization of Instagram archive pages, and the so-called bastardization of the term “streetwear,” the general young, social media driven audience has shown their interest in coveted, and often times strange, fashion labels. From constantly repeated captions of lyrics… Read More Rick Owens’ Brutalist Ethos Remains Relevant 18 Years After His Runway Debut

By The Mango Tree

This article contains a small section with graphic language of self harm please take care while you read. Here is the truth: we are fragile creatures. The violence of being alive happens right in front of us, so it comes as no surprise that we are constantly in search of something beautiful to look at, to listen… Read More By The Mango Tree

Introducing Gil Sayfan

A graphic artist from Boston, Massachusetts, Gil takes us on a spiritual journey through his intuitive “drawlins” by shaping the way album art is presented to a community using household tools like charcoal, color pencils, ink and a copy machine. Gathering influence from Canadian painter Brion Gysin and American writer William S. Burroughs and their “Third Mind”… Read More Introducing Gil Sayfan

Interview with Andrew Huff

Hello all! This week I wanted to share a little piece of Andrew Huff with you. He’s a Pisces, he’s a gentle and loving soul, he’s extremely talented, and his brain is probably the size of yours times twenty. Enjoy!

My Work Uniform

It was a brisk spring morning in Phoenix when I woke up for my first day of working from home. I slept like shit, no surprise, but woke up excited to get back to work and had my first intrusive thought of the day, “what am I going to wear?” Am I weird? I’m working… Read More My Work Uniform

Influential Group Think

When I reflect on my own youth and adolescence, there are a couple things that make me feel nostalgic; riding a bicycle is the first and music second. When I hear a certain song or listen to a record in full I can transport myself to my childhood bedroom where I spent most of my… Read More Influential Group Think

New Age Western

Within the last century, cinema has blessed the world with exciting tales of the American West; the grand landscapes establishing an atmosphere that paints a rather poetic picture of an alluring setting of beauty and mystery, sprinkled with memorable characters that relay emotions impacted by both environment and circumstance. Many notable films such as Stagecoach,… Read More New Age Western

The Movie Pandemic

Many businesses like restaurants and shopping stores have taken big hits from COVID-19- especially movie theaters. In the last month places like The Loft, FilmBar, Alamo Drafthouse, and Harkins have closed until further notice due to the pandemic situation. How are you dealing without the movie theater experience? I for one am super nostalgic. I… Read More The Movie Pandemic

Just Like Heaven Issue #2

Following our same trend we pick up a good groove this issue. Same format as the last but this issue has an interview Bruce did with Instagram user @seventeen_seconds. He is a Cure super fan like us, has an impressive collection of memorabilia and also makes soft and hard goods. Check his stuff out!

January 2020 Newsletter

The first issue. I got the idea to do the newsletter after one of my hardcore zines sold poorly. I thought “If people don’t want to pay to read my shit, I’m just going to send them shit for free.” I could have done an email list but I wanted to do physicals. Here is… Read More January 2020 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

This was one I had fun with. I really liked the idea of my normal outfit breakdown with my own doodles and the hand drawn map of downtown. I liked making this issue a lot.

March 2020 Newsletter

This is the first issue to not be mailed out due to Covid-19 concerns. Only available online, but I may mail them out later. Who knows. I wrote this over the course of 16-17 days and you can tell by the tone and tense that I speak in. I had fun with this issue.