Introducing Christian ‘Crod’ Rodriguez

A true new talent behind the lens, Crod finds time to take pictures on the go. Whether he’s traveling from show to show or simplycommuting from home to the grocery store, he always keeps his camera on hand. He captures a genuine, raw energy in each of his pictures that puts the viewer in his place as the artist. You can find more of his work on his Instagram.

Long before our shelter in place order was issued (and shortly before I found out that being a recluse was my true calling), I was a creature of the night. I would greet and celebrate the weekends arrival by sending out the very crucial, “What’s the move?” text far before there was even a “move”. I would often find myself congregating at local bars with my friends drinking the night away and talking shop. Spending months patronizing the same local places, you start to recognize the other regulars; that’s when Crod arrives.

Normally surrounded by 5-6 people I know, we never had a formal introduction but I found myself consistently in awe of his demeanor. Crod carries himself with an uncanny amount of confidence that never crosses into a distasteful territory. When I asked if he took his personal style seriously his response shocked me: “I like to wear what I like to wear, and it doesn’t really cross my mind as something I focus on.” The mans debonair demeanor is almost second nature.  I find a similar theme in this work. It’s effortless and candid; he’s capturing sincere moments of vulnerability.

He shared that he has the need and desire to capture moments of people he loves. “The things I choose to take pictures of are usually people I love or things I think look nice or a moment I want to [keep].” A simple, poignant sentiment from Crod that I think every artist can relate to and something that his work embodies artfully. His body of work is vibrant and balanced like a natural wine. I’ll end this piece with his response when asked what he wants us to take away from his work: “I don’t know, that’s hard. It’s kind of corny just to say ‘have fun and just enjoy the moments with the people around and wherever you go’ but that’s just the truth of it all.” 

On April 16th I published a newsletter showcasing the talent of 3 artists from Phoenix, Arizona. I wanted to make these public to bring our efforts to a larger audience. Head over to our newsletter page to sign up so you don’t miss anything, they are sent out every Saturday morning at 12pm MST.

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