There Is A Difference #2

Released March 18th, 2019 this was a combined effort from Ethan, Jalen and myself. Ethan and Jalen worked on the first issue together and then brought me on to do the layout of this issue. This was the first zine I was ever apart of and I’m still very pleased with how it turned out. I didn’t have access to a printer so I was stuck with the images I had which were 2-3 copies of 4-5 images for each band. It’s completely cut n paste in a collage style. I got really carried away with the complexities of the layout that I forgot most of it would be covered by the text which I was really bummed about. I wish I scanned each one in without the text before I finished it. I think we sold 50-60 copies of this with some going to a distro in Europe which was a new experience for me. This is where my love for zine making and writing began.

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